Dump and run

I had mentioned in yesterday’s post that this time around I had determined to do something about climate change. But what? After all, I am but one person concerned about a challenge facing the entire planet.

Yet, the idea of just grousing about the problem didn’t sit well with me either. At my work I had preached my dislike for people coming to me with problems without solutions attached. You know the story, it’s called dump and run. As CEO managing 30+ employees I get a lot of dump and run. I challenged the team to think of possible solutions before bringing problems to my attention. It worked. At least for the most part.

I was guilty of the same. Climate change—global warming—we’re all doomed! But what the hell was I doing about it other than dumping and running? What could I do?

First things first. Find a solution. I am, after all, an engineer at heart.

Were we, as a civilization, capable of solving global warming? What were the current proposals? What were the available options? Did any of them make engineering sense or were they feel good proposals placating a nervous crowd?

The first one I looked at was conservation. We’re told we use too much energy. We need to cut back and that will help solve the problem.

Tomorrow we’ll look at this logic.

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