In the beginning…

Committing to a daily post is a challenge, one I am familiar with. In my other life I own a company that makes stereo equipment—high end audio—and I write a daily post there.

My name is Paul McGowan and I have no credentials to be an author. But then, who does? Most authors you’ve heard of had humble beginnings, though some are schooled in the art. I envy them.

I am pretty much self taught at everything I have ever tackled: photography, circuit design, artisan bread baking, writing, parenting.

Three years ago I decided it was time to act. Stressed over the increasing threat of climate warming I wanted to do more than wring my hands. I had been here before.

I was opposed to the Vietnam war, but took no action other than refusing to fight after being drafted into the Army. No, I didn’t take an admirable stand, I managed to get myself a job as an Army disc jockey in Europe—pulling the trigger on 45 rpm records instead.

This time around was going to be different, and tomorrow I’ll dive into a little more depth why I started this project.


  1. Anonymous

    Good for you never too late lots of luck in you new endeavor

  2. paulmcgowan

    Thanks! I’ll need it. 🙂


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