Louisiana flooding just the tip of warming

Louisiana declared a state of emergency on Friday. The state is experiencing severe flooding that’s left at least three people dead, caused more than 7,000 people to need rescuing from their homes, and sent waist-deep water across the state in a disaster described as “truly historic” and “unprecedented.”

But the sobering news is that the weather now pummeling Louisiana is a sign that climate change has upended all expectations of what’s unusual.

You can expect to see more of these kinds of superstorms as the planet warms, according to the National Climate Change Assessment, a study produced by more than 300 experts working with a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee.

We’ve already started to experience them. “By my count, it’s the eighth 500-year flood to strike the USA since May of 2015,” meteorologist Paul Douglas said with tongue in cheek. “Probably nothing to worry about.”

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