Riding For Climate Change

Ryan Hall and Mindy Ahler are bicycling from Portland, OR, to Washington, DC, to call attention to climate change.

Mindy and Ryan are riding their bicycles across the country. 4,000 miles. 60-70 miles a day. It will take them two and half, nearly three months to go from Portland, Oregon, to Washington DC.

Mindy and Ryan want to talk climate. They want to listen to folks they would not otherwise ever meet. They want to hear their stories. About their crops and the storms, and the heat and the snow. They want to hear about their health and their jobs. From this place of vulnerability there is a chance to talk and listen all things tethered to climate change.

Mindy is forty-seven and Ryan is twenty-three. They met three weeks ago — Mindy was hoping to find someone to ride with but was willing to go it alone. Ryan just finished three years with AmeriCorps doing home energy audits in Decora, Iowa.

The official ride starts today from Portland. You can follow along on their Facebook page. In Montana, CCL volunteers have organized climate conversations in Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls and Helena. All the way across the country Mindy and Ryan will engage folks in a conversation about climate change. In mid-November they will arrive in Washington, DC, and spend the day with a few hundred other CCL volunteers meeting with members of congress.

That’s what it’s going to take. People reaching beyond, creating community, listening for common ground.

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