US increases wind turbines for renewable energy

Nearly 6,000 wind turbines are currently installed in the United States. Combined, they produce enough clean and renewable energy to provide more than 4.2 million households with electricity daily.

Additions to the nation’s wind generated power grid continue as turbine manufacturer Siemens prepares to build and install an additional 64 onshore wind turbines for the Grant Plains Wind project in Oklahoma.

The new wind power plant will generate a total of 147 MW, enough to supply more than 50,000 U.S. households with renewable energy.

The latest order follows up on the completion of two previous wind turbine projects in Oklahoma. The Grand Wind and Kay Wind projects generate nearly 600 MW; enough energy to supply about 200,000 average U.S. households with electric power.

The new and massive wind turbines feature a rotor diameter of 108 meters and a hub height of 80 meters.

The nacelles and hubs for the Grant Plains Wind project will be assembled at the Siemens facility in Hutchinson, Kansas. The blades will be manufactured at the Siemens blade facility in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Siemens has a 64,000-square-foot wind service distribution center in Woodward, Oklahoma.

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